Sunday, 24 May 2009

Car Boot Sale Finds

I was up with the larks this morning and made it to two car boot sales and back home by 9.30am. I visited the same two sales last Sunday and came home disheartened by the amount of tat (aka rubbish!) people were selling. Well, this week was different.

I bought two cute blue planters for outside my children's play hut. Only £2 each! Now we just need to wait for the flowers to grow! I'm also thinking of putting bunting up, maybe oilcloth to cope with the Scottish weather.

I found two little blue apothecary bottles to add to my collection. I'll show you the rest another day!

I also found a fab green glass jug for £1.50 which I thought would sit rather well with my Great Auntie Mary's coloured glasses. I loved these little glasses since I was a child and they were passed to me when she died. I think they all look lovely on my fab red vintage corner cabinet from Vintage Lifestyle (thanks Kelly!).


Ticking stripes said...

Welcome to blogland! I recently started my own blog and it looks as if you like many of the same ones as me! I thought I was a car boot fiend but two in one morning is really committed!

Rubyred said...

Hello and welcome to blgland, so lovely to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.
Love your little dogs,they're so cute.I would love to have a little dog as our lovely cat died a few months ago,I've yet to persuade my hubby though!
Happy blogging
Rachel x

Shammickite said...

Welome to the land of blogging! It's great fun, meeting people from all over the world! Love all your car boot sale funds, it's so exciting when a real bargain turns up isn't it? We don't have car boot sales here in Canada, but I often prowl around weekend yard sales and garage sales.... it's amazing what can be found!

Floss said...

Hello - lovely to discover your blog! I live in France but I do pop over to Scotland, where my parents now live - next visit is mid-June. I love your little dogs, and your car boot finds, and look forward to finding out more about your life!

Your blog title is fun. Today I feel like a 'Domestic Ignoramus' - 'novice' just wouldn't be enough.