Friday, 29 May 2009

Sunny Day Shopping

Today has been a beautiful day here in Central Scotland. Sun shining all day and clear blue skies. Unusually, I had a few hours to myself so decided to visit the charity shops in a local market town to see if I could get any goodies! But first I decided to visit my local Dunelm and TK Maxx to see if I could bag any bargains. So glad I did! In Dunelm I bought this lovely lantern for the garden table. A snip at £3.99! In TK Maxx I bought 2 lovely baskets, one large to store magazines & newspapers and a smaller one for my make-up. Thankfully it's the right size for my bathroom shelf!

I then trawled the charity shops but the choice was disappointing. However, in Oxfam I spotted this lovely Granny Blanket! I have been searching for one for ages but have never managed to find one with colour combinations that I like. But this one fits the bill. I have no idea what to do with it yet, but at £4.99 I couldn't not buy it!!

Hope the weather stays good for the rest of the weekend. Have fun in the sun!!


Rubyred said...

Such lovely finds, especially the granny blanket, such pretty colours!
Rachel x

Ticking stripes said...

Great finds. Sometimes you have to just go with your instinct and then work out what to do with your purchase once you get it home!

Carol said...

Lovely find but the granny blanket if my favourite it is really pretty. If you are like me you will not stop at one.

Floss said...

Great finds! I know what you mean about the colours of the crocheted blanket - you have particularly good ones there. When I get to Edinburgh in a week's time I'll have to restrict my charity shopping to items that can be carried back on the plane! I'm going to try to discipline myself to just adding to my button collection. We'll see if that works!

I'm glad you've put your name down for my Garden Party. It's going to be fun!