Saturday, 20 June 2009

Floss' 40th Birthday Garden Party!

Happy 40th Birthday Floss! You don't look at day over 21!
Well I must say, your garden is looking delightful! The food looks yummy and that tea cosy just sets everything off beautifully (that trip to the charity shops of Edinburgh certainly paid off).
Since the weather in France is so lovely I've decided to wear this.

This little bag matches my dress and fits with the Garden Party theme.

I love these shoes but I suspect they will be coming off in a while so that I can feel the grass between my toes!

Here is my birthday gift to you. I hope you like them as Hydrangas are one of my favourite flowers.

And here is a little something for your boys.

Well, this garden party has been wonderful but I really must dash to get back to Scotland for my children's bath and bedtime!

Have a fantastic time at your "non-virtual" Garden Party. I'm looking forward to your photos already!


dottydotty said...

love that bag very cool

Floss said...

That is the nicest bag at my party! Thanks for your visit; what a great time we are all having! The grass between your toes is a bit brown and dead, I'm afraid. For good grass here you have to come in May, or have hosts who are prepared to set sprinklers on their lawns! Sorry...

juanitatortilla said...

Don't you look just great in that gorgeous dress and matching bag-and-shoes!!!