Saturday, 13 June 2009

Gala Day

Today in our village was Gala Day.
This is an annual event where the local schools decorate floats, children (& some adults!) dress up and everyone follows the procession to the local park for fun at the fair.
My childrens' school decided this year that their float would celebrate the sixties. There were hippies, mods, rockers and astronauts abound!
Lily, my 9 year old daughter, decided to dress up as a hippy.
Here she is with 2 of her friends (Lily is on the left).
Before the procession was underway the rain started pouring but this did not discourage anyone!
Within 30 minutes the sun was shining again.
We made it to the park, Lily disappeared with her friends and my two boys enjoyed themselves on the fairground rides.
This is Jacob (centre) atop a red double decker.
Oscar decided to play is safe and stayed inside the bus incase the rain started again!

A fun day was had by all.

The boys are now in bed, exhausted.

Lily has a friend staying for a sleepover.

Now is my time.....sshhhh.....silence.......


Jackie said...

Hi~ I've just found you via Floss ~ it's lovely to find another scottish blog :O)

Floss said...

Scottish bloggers unite! (And can an occasional visitor to Scotland join in too?) I love your gala photos - I'm so glad the weather didn't spoil things. I've finally bought a card reader, so I now have some Edinburgh charity shopping pics on my blog. Thanks to those maps, there's an awful lot more to follow...