Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Lucky Me!

Look what my lovely Postman delivered this morning.

A gorgeous little bundle of goodies from Kelly http://www.vintagelifestyle.co.uk/index.htm
which I won for being a runner up in her recent photo competition.

Thanks Kelly!


Anonymous said...

You are welcome. Hope you enjoy the magazine!

Felicity said...

Oh lovely little parcel of goodies,
good luck with your crochet, im still a beginner really, my nan taught me to treble years ago and thats all i could do up until a year ago! i
found this blog the other day


its got instructions and video clips of different crochet stitches, i find it easier to watch someone sometimes, take care, felicity xx

Floss said...

Lucky you! However, this took talent, not just luck, so well done to you. I haven't WON anything on a blog yet, but I've done two lovely swaps and been sent totally gratuitious presents and had a great birthday party, so really I can't complain...

The real party on Saturday is looking good - the forecast has changed from day-long thunder to hot sun... Watch this space!